Why You Might Consider a Range Rover Plug-In Luxury 4x4

There are a number of benefits to owning a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (or PHEV for short). Here’s why you might want to consider a hybrid 4x4 for your next purchase.

Less company car tax to pay

If you were to buy a Range Rover Autobiography, as a company car, you could save considerable sums of money by opting for the hybrid P400e Range Rover. Just how much?

Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

Range Rover 2.0 P400e AutobiographyRange Rover 4.4SD V8 Autobiography
Range Rover 4.4SD V8 AutobiographyBIK percentage charge: 37%
BIK (2020-2021): £20,635BIK (2020-2021): £39,684
Tax payable 20%/40%: £4,127/£8,254Tax payable 20%/40%: £7,937/£15,874
Class 1A NIC: £2,848Class 1A NIC: £5476
First-year road tax: £100First-year road tax: £2,175
Following years road tax: £465Following years road tax: £475
Fuel cost: 12.10p per mileFuel cost: 19.82p per mile

As you can see, the difference in ownership and running costs between the two is not insignificant.

Also, for anyone who lives in London, a hybrid luxury 4x4 doesn’t have to pay the Low Emission Zone, or Ultra Low Emission Zone congestion charges.

Improved fuel economy

If you tightly control your outgoings and prefer to save money, you’ll appreciate the generally higher fuel economy of a hybrid vehicle. 

For example, the Range Rover P400e hybrid is capable of up to 88 miles per gallon. That’s incredible! It can also mean you’re able to travel further without filling up. Meanwhile, a comparable diesel model would achieve something like 30mpg for a 4.4 diesel, 37MPg for the 3.0-litre V6 or up to 22 mpg on the 5.0-litre V8 examples.

Lower impact on the environment

If you’re concerned about the effect your vehicle has on the environment, you can limit and mitigate this to some extent by purchasing a hybrid luxury 4x4. With lower tailpipe emissions, when combined with a renewable energy tariff, you could help to cut your carbon footprint.

Electric-only mode

Having an electric-only mode on your PHEV means you’re able to travel completely on the battery alone, although it won’t be as long a range as those of a fully-electric vehicle. However, it does mean you can take advantage of the low price of electric to recharge your vehicle. If you drive only around towns or on a short commute, you could easily cover this on the battery only. The Range Rover P400e can travel up to 31 miles in electric mode.

Electric motors produce 100% torque right from the off, which could prove beneficial if you need to tackle some rough terrain at a slow and controlled speed.

Advanced Tech Features

The Range Rover Plug-In Luxury 4x4 stands as a testament not only to engineering prowess but also to the advancements in automotive technology. Owners can harness the power of remote charging control through a dedicated smartphone app, allowing them to keep tabs on their vehicle's charging status, schedule off-peak charging, and even set the cabin's temperature before embarking on their journey. The onboard system offers a deep dive into energy consumption, enabling drivers to glean insights into their driving patterns and make adjustments for enhanced efficiency. Additionally, the Interactive Driver Display presents a vivid, interactive 12.3-inch screen that seamlessly integrates driving information, active safety data, and entertainment options. And with the Touch Pro Duo, often referred to as the 'Range Rover's digital butler', users get the luxury of two 10-inch high-definition touchscreens, streamlining interactions with multiple features simultaneously.

Regenerative Braking

One of the standout features in the Range Rover Plug-In Luxury 4x4 is regenerative braking, a system designed to harness and repurpose energy that would otherwise be wasted. When drivers apply the brakes or navigate downhill, the electric motor reverses its operation, transforming into a generator. This process captures the kinetic energy, which is typically lost as heat, and converts it into electrical energy. This recaptured energy is then channelled back to recharge the vehicle's battery. The continuous replenishment of the battery during regular driving scenarios, thanks to regenerative braking, can notably extend the vehicle's electric range. This not only bolsters the vehicle's overall efficiency but also minimises wear on the braking system, potentially prolonging its life.


The essence of versatility is encapsulated in the Range Rover Plug-In Luxury 4x4. With its dual power sources – an electric motor and a traditional petrol engine – it offers drivers unparalleled flexibility. For shorter commutes, the electric motor can take the lead, providing a silent and eco-friendly drive. However, for extended journeys, the vehicle can effortlessly switch to its petrol engine once the battery's charge diminishes, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted driving experience. And while it champions eco-friendliness, the Range Rover Plug-In doesn't shy away from its off-road roots. Its capabilities remain robust, regardless of whether it's operating in electric or petrol mode. Furthermore, the meticulous integration of the battery and electric motor ensures that the spaciousness and luxury of the cabin remain uncompromised, offering passengers the comfort they've come to expect from a Range Rover.

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