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Underbody Protection

It’s not just the paintwork that needs protecting. Your vehicle's underbody is constantly under attack from pollutants and harmful substances. Our underbody protection is a specially formulated solution professionally applied to all the panels and moving parts of your vehicle's underbody, keeping it protected from these harmful and corrosive elements. For more information of this preventative process get in touch today.

Our Underbody Protection prevents unwanted noise in the area of plastic against each other, as well as against metal and rubber. The Silicone Protect reduces frictional wear due to a colorless grease film. In addition, the Tunap Human Technology Premium 907 Silicone Protect is temperature-resistant from •40 degrees to +200 degrees and particularly adhesion to plastic and rubber. The Tunap 907 creates a heavy-duty and water-repellent protective layer.

It's ideal for sliding doors and sunroof guides, as well as for creaking noises and for lubricating plastic to rubber, plastic to metal and ceramic, as well as from rubber to painted surfaces, e.g. door seals.

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