Complete Wheel & Tyre Protection

No matter how careful you are, punctured tyres or scuffs and scratches to your alloy wheels seem to be a fact of motoring life. Our Complete Wheel & Tyre Protection eases the financial burden and worries that come when your wheels or tyres are damaged.
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Tyre Protection

This protection will refund the cost of having to repair or replace a tyre or tyres that have suffered a puncture, whether accidentally or maliciously, during the period of cover.

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How it works

Alloy wheels make a big difference to any vehicle. They allow you to personalise and improve the appearance of your new car and add value. However, alloy wheels are very susceptible to accidental damage. Even minor scuffing on your alloys can spoil the smart presentation of your car, and repairing or replacing alloys can be surprisingly expensive. Alloy Wheel Insurance protects you, whether the damage is accidental or malicious. It covers you for the cost of repair, or if an alloy cannot be repaired, it contributes to the cost of a replacement. Repair technicians come to you, making it easy and convenient to claim.

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  • A maximum of five alloy wheel repairs within the term of the policy.
  • Up to five tyre replacements, including the spare, during the policy term.
  • Convenient claim process through our free and easy-to-use app.
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Tyre and Alloy Insurance

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