The Best 7 Seater SUVs You Can Buy Right Now

Looking for the best 7 seater SUVs available in the UK right now? Look no further.

Remember not long ago when you wanted a car with seven seats you needed to go for an unattractive MPV? If you needed the practicality of a 7-seater, unfortunately, you had to give up the style, excitement and comfort of a regular car. Well those days are over!

Today, the most popular 7seater cars are SUVs and not only do you get incredible practicality and space, but on-road you also get the luxury of driving a beautiful 4x4 car. Take a look below at some of the very best 7 seaters all available from Saxton 4x4.

Audi Q7


The Q7 looks big and aggressive to other road users but is soft behind the wheel and incredibly smooth to drive. This is heavy-round because of the air suspension and spacious seats helping it to be wonderfully comfortable even for seven people. There is also plenty of storage space and a nice infotainment system. The Audi Q7 is an excellent all-around 7 seater SUV that is an amazingly smooth and comfortable car to drive and travel in with many optional extras available.

Land Rover Discovery


The Discovery is a slick and stylish 7 seater for both off and on-road. This car can do anything you want it to, from going across the farm to driving on the motorway in comfort. The Discovery is also light and easy around town, the great driving position and view out assists this. It’s a shame that Land Rover has decided that entry-level Discovery’s don’t come with a sat-nav but overall the Discovery is a round, hard working 7 seat SUV with huge potential. 



The BMW X7 stands as one of the finest examples of luxury SUVs on the market. The X7 boasts an opulent interior featuring high-grade materials, a suite of sophisticated tech amenities, and an ample amount of passenger and cargo space. It comes with a selection of potent engines that balance power and efficiency, ranging from a turbocharged six-cylinder to a mammoth twin-turbo V8. The driving experience in the X7 is as comfortable as it is dynamic, with its well-tuned suspension absorbing road imperfections and its precise steering ensuring controlled handling. In addition, its advanced driver-assist features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist provide a reassuring layer of safety.

Volvo XC90


The XC90 has a classy outside look and a spacious interior with a smooth Scandinavian style. There is plenty of excellent technology throughout the XC90, including a touchscreen system that allows you to control the majority of the car. Additionally, the front 5 seats are extremely spacious and comfortable. Overall, The Volvo XC90 is a great, spacious and technical 7 seater with many options and comfort factors available.

Mercedes-Benz GLB & EQB


Mercedes-Benz GLB and EQB take a slightly different approach, but they are no less impressive. The GLB is a compact luxury SUV, offering a generous interior space for its size, including an optional third row, a rarity in this segment. Its combination of premium materials and cutting-edge technology, along with the renowned Mercedes-Benz build quality, make it a compelling choice. The EQB is the fully electric version of the GLB, underlining Mercedes' commitment to sustainable mobility. It retains the spaciousness and luxury of the GLB while adding the benefits of electric propulsion, such as instant torque delivery and quieter operation, not to mention lower emissions.


Mercedes-Benz GLE


The GLE is a slick 7 seater SUV with an outstanding and techy interior that has tonnes of space even for rear passengers. Most GLE’s come with a punchy diesel engine with plenty of power. Overall the Mercedes GLE is a great, technological car with a spacious and luxurious interior of which style flows to the outside.


Tesla Model X

Despite the Model X’s high purchase price, it's not hard to see why the car has carved out a niche among 7 seater cars. Its all-electric motors mean it is very cheap to run and even less costly when you use Tesla’s free supercharger network. The Model X looks like nothing else on the road with its falcon doors being a hugely unique feature. The Tesla also has a high range of 360 miles which means you won't be plugging it in as often as other EVs either. Not only that, but it's also the fastest seven-seater on sale and one of the quickest-accelerating cars available full stop, especially with the top of the range, three motors model, producing over 1000hp.

The Tesla Model X is a spacious and convenient SUV with great technology and comfort features. All this with such a low running cost makes it suitable for all kinds of journeys long and short. 


Peugeot 5008


The Peugeot 5008 is a great SUV with its own distinct European charm. Known for its blend of stylish design, comfort, and practicality, the 5008 offers a smooth ride, making it ideal for families or long journeys. It also provides a seven-seat configuration, rare for a vehicle in its class, adding a layer of versatility. Its interior is a blend of flair and functionality, featuring a unique dashboard layout, abundant high-quality materials, and a generous list of standard equipment. The 5008's engines, both petrol and diesel, offer a good balance between performance and fuel economy, while its handling is composed and assured, delivering a pleasing driving experience.


Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is a chic, extremely well equipped, and awesome off-road car with many personalisation options available. The Defender is a very comfortable and enjoyable car to use. The interior is a lovely mix of traditional and modern style, with smooth materials throughout and deliberately exposed screws for the old school feel. The entertainment system is also very flashy with a 10” inch Apple car play and Android auto touchscreen which allows you to connect 2 phones at once allowing for “over the air” updates, meaning you don’t have to visit dealerships for software updates.


Kia Sortento


The Kia Sorento is a mid-size SUV that is more oriented towards family use and daily commuting. The Sorento boasts an attractive exterior design that continues to the interior where quality materials, an intuitive layout, and advanced technology combine to create a comfortable and inviting cabin. It offers seating for seven and a generous amount of cargo space. The ride quality is smooth and quiet, and handling is poised, making it a pleasant cruiser. Its combination of quality, value, and warranty coverage has earned it a solid reputation in the competitive SUV market.

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