Super-Surprising SUV Stats 2024

The SUV market continues to grow, reflecting changes in consumer preferences and technological advancements. From significant sales volumes to the shift towards hybrid and electric models, the landscape of SUVs offers a broad range of insights. Here are some SUV stats that will surprise you.

The number of SUVs registered in 2023 is 1.12 million, growing by a third since 2022.

The SUV market showed a strong growth trajectory in 2023, with registrations jumping significantly by approximately 33%. This surge indicates a continuing trend of consumer preference for larger, more versatile vehicles.

In 2023, over 51 million SUVs were sold globally.

Sustaining a robust sales performance, the SUV segment crossed the million mark in sales, highlighting its dominance in the automotive market.

Almost a third of the cars on the roads are SUVs in the UK.

SUVs represent a significant portion of the UK's vehicular landscape, constituting nearly 33% of all vehicles on the road, which reflects their popularity and functional appeal among British drivers.

In 2023, the Tesla Model Y was the best-selling SUV worldwide.

The Tesla Model Y led global sales among SUVs, underscoring the growing consumer shift towards electric vehicles and Tesla’s strong market presence.

In 2023, the Ford Puma was the best-selling SUV in the UK.

The Ford Puma topped the UK sales charts for SUVs, thanks to its appealing blend of style, efficiency, and utility, making it a favourite among British consumers.

In 2023, SUVs made up nearly 60% of new car sales.

SUVs continued to dominate the new car sales market, accounting for almost three-fifths of all vehicles sold, a testament to their enduring appeal across diverse demographics.

In 2023, the most popular SUV powertrain was hybrid with over 406,000 sold.

Hybrid SUVs emerged as the most popular choice among buyers, with sales surpassing 406,000 units. This trend highlights the increasing consumer interest in more sustainable and fuel-efficient driving options.

SUV sales have gone up by over a fifth since 2022.

The overall sales of SUVs experienced a substantial increase, growing by more than 20%, which illustrates the sector's robust performance and growing market share.

The average MPG for a 2021 large SUV is 18 MPG.

Fuel efficiency for large SUVs averaged at 18 miles per gallon, which, while lower compared to smaller vehicles, reflects ongoing improvements in fuel economy for larger models.

The average MPG for a 2021 midsize SUV is 23 MPG.

Midsize SUVs offered better fuel efficiency, averaging 23 MPG, representing a balance between space and fuel economy that appeals to many families.

The average MPG for a 2021 compact SUV is 24 MPG.

Compact SUVs, popular for urban driving, showed an average fuel efficiency of 24 MPG, combining the advantages of an SUV with the economy of smaller cars.

The average MPG for 2021 SUVs was 24.8 MPG.

Across all categories, SUVs achieved an average MPG of nearly 25, showcasing industry-wide enhancements in engine technology and hybrid integration.

Toyota has the most SUV models for sale, ranging from the C-HR to the Sequoia.

Toyota offers a broad range of SUV models, catering to various customer needs from compact urban cruisers to full-size family hauliers, emphasising their market versatility.

SUVs could make up three-quarters of passenger car sales by 2027.

Predictions suggest a staggering growth in SUV popularity, potentially constituting 75% of passenger car sales by 2027, indicating a major shift in consumer vehicle preferences towards larger, more versatile family vehicles.


SUV Market Trends 2024

  • Electrification: Electric SUVs are gaining prominence with several models highlighting the blend of luxury and environmental consciousness. For example, the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is noted for its luxury and refined electric performance, providing a quiet, comfortable ride with a significant electric range.
  • Luxury and Technology: SUVs are increasingly incorporating advanced technology and luxurious features. The Range Rover remains a popular choice for those looking for an opulent driving experience, well-suited for both rural and urban environments​. The Volkswagen Touareg, with its advanced cockpit design and comprehensive electronic aids, is also appealing to consumers looking for a high-tech driving experience​.
  • Efficiency: While electric SUVs are on the rise, efficient diesel and hybrid models continue to be important. The Mazda CX-60, for example, stands out for its diesel efficiency, particularly appealing to those who may not have the option to frequently charge an electric vehicle.
  • Performance and Design: SUVs like the Porsche Macan are praised for their dynamic driving experience, blending performance with practical SUV features​ (Autocar UK)​. On the design front, models like the Lamborghini Urus demonstrate that SUVs can also be bold and sporty, appealing to a niche market looking for high-performance and distinctive design.
  • Practicality: Models like the Skoda Kodiaq offer substantial boot space, making them ideal for families or those needing significant cargo capacity. The Land Rover Defender is highlighted as a top choice for off-roading, equipped with robust features for challenging terrains​.



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