Sportage Overtakes Qashqai as nation's favourite 4x4

Kia Sportage

We've recently analysed the top 20 most searched 4x4 models in the UK over the last 24 months and the data shows some revealing and interesting statistics:

  • The Kia Sportage has overtaken the Nissan Qashqai as the nation's favourite 4x4
  • The average monthly Google searches for the top 20 models was down from 90.3k in the year ending 2019 to 83.5k in year ending 2020 - a possible effect of the Coronavirus pandemic
  • The most popular makes in 2020 are Land Rover, Nissan, Ford & Volvo each with 3 models in the top 20.
  • BMW had two models in the list in 2019 but dropped to 0 in 2020


    Data from Google Keyword Planner

    The data is from Google’s Keyword Planner Tool for August 2019 - July 2020 vs August 2018 - July 2019. The raw data can be found below:

    2020  2019  
    #CarSearch Vol.#CarSearch Vol.
    1used kia sportage8,1001used nissan qashqai12,100
    2Used Nissan Qashqai8,1002used kia sportage9,900
    3used range rover evoque6,6003used ford kuga6,600
    4used ford kuga5,4004used range rover evoque6,600
    5used volvo xc404,4005used renault captur4,400
    6used volvo xc604,4006used volvo xc604,400
    7used renault captur4,4007used vw tiguan4,400
    8used range rover sport3,6008used audi q33,600
    9used land rover discovery3,6009used honda cr v3,600
    10used jaguar f pace3,60010used jaguar f pace3,600
    11used audi q33,60011used land rover discovery3,600
    12used vw tiguan3,60012used nissan x trail3,600
    13used ford ecosport3,60013used range rover sport3,600
    14used honda cr v3,60014used audi q52,900
    15used audi q52,90015used bmw x12,900
    16used volvo xc902,90016used bmw x52,900
    17used ford ranger2,90017used ford ecosport2,900
    18Used Nissan X-Trail2,90018used nissan juke2,900
    19Used Nissan Juke2,90019used toyota c hr2,900
    20used jaguar e pace2,40020used volvo xc402,900
4.1 (2,000+ reviews)
4.5 (2,700+ reviews)
4.6 (3,000+ reviews)
4 (210+ reviews)