Seven surprising features available on luxury 4x4s

24-way heated and cooled “hot stone seats”

This Range Rover Autobiography Dynamic has an optional extra that gives occupants 24-ways of power seating adjustment. Plus, the seats are heated and cooled, with 25 relaxing massage settings - including “rolling”, “wave” and pulsating modes. Range Rover designed them to simulate a hot stone massage. With these functions, passengers should sit comfortably and arrive at their destination feeling refreshed, with fewer aches. 

Back-friendly seating

Though not fitted to this particular Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the German carmaker’s ‘Multicontour’ seating system is so effective, it is recommended by the country’s spinal health organisation, the AGR. They even go as far as to give it a seal of approval, recognising the seating option as a back-friendly and ergonomic design. The system is engineered to reduce the stresses of sitting, but also change the body posture to aid breathing and minimise muscular aches.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE (with the Multicontour seats) and SL Class also get the same high-level stamp of recognition. Even the legendary and iconic G-Class is able to meet the grade, if it has the Multicontour seating system installed, or the seat comfort package.

Privacy phone handset

When you need to hold a discrete and private phone conversation, this Bentley Bentayga has a front cordless Bluetooth® privacy telephone handset. 

Mist sensors

Vehicle windscreens fogging over is irritating, but this Range Rover Sport has a mist sensor to prevent that from happening.

Rear executive class seats

Rear occupants are demanding more and more luxury appointments from carmakers. This Autobiography Dynamic Range Rover has executive-class rear seats. The seats feature a power reclining function and a motorised centre console as well as the ability to move the front passenger seat forwards, increasing legroom. Coupled with focussed rear lights, the back of this Range Rover is the perfect place to either catch-up on work, or just unwind, in total comfort. The seat heating, cooling and position controls are additionally accessible from a comfort controller smartphone app.

You can see the features in this video from Land Rover:

Laminated acoustic glass

Range Rovers, like this 5.0-litre V8 Autobiography, also have acoustic attenuating glass, along with extensive soundproofing, to create a hushed interior and deaden external noises. When fitted, a special sunlight laminate layer also filters light rays from the sun, helping to control cabin temperatures. Some owners have described this as a “godsend”, even labelling it as an essential requirement for those who live in sun-drenched regions.

Air quality control

Our towns and cities have become rather polluted. The Porsche Panamera features an air quality sensor and active charcoal cabin filtering to help reduce pollutants, odours, particulates and pollen from entering the passenger compartment. An optional cabin de-ioniser (when fitted) applies an electrical charge to moisture in the air, enabling the molecules to directly attach to other floating particles and better manage interior odours and even airborne germs.

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