The Saxton 4x4 Advantage: Discover Nearly New Luxury Vehicles Today

At Saxton 4x4, we understand the excitement that comes with acquiring a new car. It's the thrill of holding the keys to a luxury SUV or top-of-the-line car, eager to start a new journey on the open road. However, the joy of ownership can be overshadowed by the tedious and lengthy wait times that plague many main manufacturers.

Take, for instance, Audi. The German firm has admitted to having inconsistent lead times, thanks to a fluid supply chain. The waiting period is so uncertain that they can't provide accurate lead times for individual models. BMW finds itself in the same predicament, with exceptional demand for its hybrid and electric models further lengthening lead times. Jaguar, too, is no exception, with customers waiting anywhere from three to six months, even up to nine months for certain models. Land Rover is more transparent, albeit with wait times stretching from three to twelve months depending on the model and configuration.

On the other hand, Mercedes has remained silent about their current lead times, only advising customers to check with their dealer. Meanwhile, Porsche's wait times range from a few months to an incredible year and a half, again depending on the model and specification.

These wait times can be disheartening, especially when you're eager to hit the road with your new vehicle. This is where Saxton 4x4 comes in.

We're proud to offer over 40 'nearly new' 2023 plate vehicles available for immediate purchase and delivery. This means no waiting times, no indefinite lead times, and no disappointments. Our stock features the most coveted models from top manufacturers, ensuring you find a vehicle that matches your style and needs without the frustrating delays.

Unlike main manufacturers, where lead times are an uncertainty, at Saxton 4x4, the waiting period is as short as it takes you to choose your favourite car and complete the purchase. Our flexible financing options also make it easier for you to own your dream vehicle sooner.

Furthermore, all our 'nearly new' vehicles are thoroughly inspected, serviced, and prepared by our skilled team, ensuring you get a car that not only looks like new but feels like new as well.

In a world where time is the most valuable commodity, why spend months waiting when you can be driving your dream vehicle now? Visit Saxton 4x4 today, and let's turn your dream into reality, instantly.

Average lead times for new cars by brand


Estimated Lead Time


Up to 6 months for A110, up to 1 year for A110R

Alfa Romeo

Up to 6 months


Up to 12 months


Up to 4 months


Varies, contact dealer for info


2-4 months


Around 6 months


Up to 9 months


Longer lead times, contact dealer for more info


Up to 8 months


Varies, contact dealer for more info


Up to 8 months


Up to 12 months


Varies, contact dealer for more info


12-16 weeks for some models 4-6 months for others

Land Rover

3-12 months, depending on the model


Immediate delivery for some models, up to several months for others


Up to 9 months


Varies, high demand for PHEV and EV models


1-5 months, depending on the model


2-4 months, some models will take longer


3-18 months, depending on the model


Up to 6 months


Contact dealer for more info


Longer than expected, contact dealer for more info


Varies, contact dealer for more info


2-3 for ICE models, up to 6 months for EVs


Varies, contact dealer for more info


From 4-10 months, depending on the model and configuration


4.1 (2,000+ reviews)
4.5 (2,700+ reviews)
4.6 (3,000+ reviews)
4 (210+ reviews)