Majority of UK Still Want to Visit a Dealership Before Buying a Car

Covid-19 imposed limitations on people visiting dealerships, leading to increased investment into home delivery by many car dealerships. This inspired the team at Saxton 4x4 to run four separate polls across our social media channels in late June 2021 to an audience of over 21,000 users. 

The research conduct by us shows that 62% of the UK still want to visit a dealership before parting with their cash and 58% of Brits would not consider buying a car without test driving it first.

Take a look at the data we gathered:

The results clearly highlight how important the dealership experience is still to consumers in 2021 despite an overall trend towards online sales. The Marketing Manager from Saxton 4x4 commented:

“We here at Saxton 4x4 pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer service and dealership experience and we know how much this means to our customers so these findings aren’t surprising to us.”

“Whilst buying online can be very convenient, there’s still a lot to be said for being able to pop down to your local dealership and see your next car with your own eyes and feeling how it drives.”

It’s more crucial than ever to not only have a great online experience but also a great dealership experience as yours may be one of only a few which your potential customer is going to visit!

Top Benefits to Visiting a Car Dealership

Knowledge & expertise - Whilst online research forms a huge part of the buying journey for consumers, the specific knowledge and experience that car dealership staff have is unrivalled and can be priceless when it comes to choosing the right car for you.

Assessing the car yourself - If you have a bit of car knowledge then visiting a dealership and checking out the car for yourself can be the reassurance you need to purchase.

Test drives - As our data proves, most of the UK wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first as this is the only way to get a real feel for a car.

Range of used cars - Whilst you can compare numerous cars across many dealership websites when browsing online, it’s only when visiting a dealership that you can view them in bulk. Also, helpful staff will recommend cars they think suit your needs if the initial car you looked at doesn't cut it for you. 

Financing options - If you're looking to finance your next car purchase, dealership staff can help you find an affordable package that works for you rather than dealing with ‘one-size-fits-all’ finance deals online.

An ongoing relationship - Visiting a dealership is an experience and once you’ve purchased your car that is just the start of the relationship. Reputable dealerships will ensure that you’re looked after once you drive off the forecourt and in future with services etc. 

Supporting the local economy - Supporting local economies is vital and by purchasing from a dealership you’re helping to stimulate it at a time when it’s more important than ever due to the implications of the ongoing pandemic.

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