Lotus release details Evija specification process

Lotus Evija configuration tool

2020’s allocation of models have already sold out, but buyers will soon be able to use a powerful touch-screen device to configure practically every “aspect” of the Evija, says Lotus. The touchscreen configurator is reportedly equipped with technology used by high-end gaming developers and features an ultra-powerful graphics chip - which helps to create photorealistic renders and animations of the Evija. Lotus explains buyers can see their car from every angle, externally and internally. 

You’re even able to change the virtual environment the customised Evija is in, simulating sunlight reflecting off the bodywork, in the same manner as real light rays bounce around. Finally, buyers are provided with a 360-degree fly-through film, unique to each build.

Images created by the software show a striking Evija painted in Atomic Red, with a contrasting Carbon Black accent package, while the backdrop is the pleasingly stark and clinical looking Lotus Design Studios. 

The exclusive purchasing process for limited-run car

The Evija promises to be the most powerful series-production vehicle built to date. Lotus expects assembly to start at the purpose-built Evija facility as soon as this summer. When complete, the electric hyper car will have 1973hp and be able to whisk to a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. 

With only 130 set to be released, and a price tag of roughly £1.7 million, customers will have exacting expectations. Lotus plans to deliver buyers a regular and unique gift throughout the building process. 

Finally, during the handover celebrations, each owner will receive a build diary book, containing images of their own car during assembly. At the same time, they’ll be supplied with their key.

Lotus looking to accommodate requests

The Lotus Executive Director of Global Marketing, Simon Clare, expected buyers would naturally have their own individual tastes and ideas. Mr Clare said that the customer relations team were “ready to support any requests”. Clare also anticipated the configurator to be a great tool in accommodating “customer preferences and requirements from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.”

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