First Impressions of The Ferrari Purosangue: Can Ferrari Pull Off an SUV?

The latest addition to the Ferrari line-up has just been introduced, and what a car it is. Italy’s most prestigious brand has created their first ever four door, four seater car with the iconic 6.5L, V12 engine. 

Is The Purosangue Really An SUV? Ferrari Claims It Isn’t…

Although the Purosangue looks like an SUV, Ferrari insists it isn’t, claiming they have created a ‘four door sports car’ which also happens to seat four people and have off road capability. Whatever Ferrari choose to call it, it’s a first for the brand, as the closest thing they have created to the Purosangue was the GTC4 Lusso, a shooting brake style body which also seats four people, but only with two doors. 

The name ‘Purosangue’ translates to ‘Thoroughbred’ in English, meaning Ferrari truly built this car from the ground up to be the ultimate four door flagship for the brand. Everything apart the engine is the new modernised design for Ferrari, along with being the only vehicle available from them which features the signature 6.5L, V12 engine.


Ferrari Purosangue Performance Stats

Powering the Ferrari Purosangue is a 6.5L V12, with 725hp and 715 nm of torque. This takes the SUV/sports car hybrid from 0-60 in a staggering 3.3 seconds, while top speed is achieved at over 193mph, Ferrari claims. Impressive stats, but how does it compare to the rivals? The Purosangue sports 16hp more than the Aston Martin DBX and Jeep’s insane Trackhawk, while sharing the 0-60mph sprint with the two mentioned. The Ferrari however has one advantage which separates it from the competitors, as V12 powered SUVs are few and far between. Hopefully this will be enough for prospective buyers, as the price tag is set to be close to, if not more than £300,000.

Ferrari Purosangue Styling & Design - Look Familiar?

Although being a brand new Ferrari, the Purosangue takes design cues from the SP1 Monza for the headlights and front end. There are elements of the FF on the side profile, as it looks very similar to a lifted FF. The rear clearly takes inspiration from the recent Ferrari Roma, something newer cars from the brand are incorporating- the wide sweeping tail light look. 

The Purosangue also borrows some components from other cars in the Ferrari line up. To effectively put down the power from the monstrous V12, Ferrari is using its tried and tested 4 wheel drive system from the Lusso. This is coupled with new chassis tech and the 4 wheel steering system from the 812 Competizone. There’s a new 8-speed DCT at the rear, resulting in a close to perfect 49:51 weight distribution. Up front, Ferrari have fitted a new torque-vectoring differential, with active dampers on the suspension to help with all handling and off road needs. It’s worth noting that Ferrari have added hill descent control as standard to the Purosangue. 

The interior has been updated to a new 2022 look as well. A curvy dashboard wraps around the driver, along with a 10 inch screen positioned in front of the passenger, with controls to change the infotainment system or access driving statistics. This is similar to the Lusso, however the Purosangue incorporates a tablet sized screen instead of a thin screen with limited information. The rear of the Purosangue has taken inspiration from its rivals, with suicide doors revealing two bucket seats, equipped with perfect attention to detail quality as the two front seats. The boot also offers 473L of storage space, cut into slightly by the sloping, sleek roofline.

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