Audi is working on a new RS4 with Hybrid assistance

Audi’s next generation RS4 is likely to ship with hybrid assistance as the world continues its ongoing transition to a more electric future.

It is likely that the new generation RS4 will continue to come with the 2.9L V6 it traditionally comes with as Audi has announced that this year they will stop the further development and production of the combustion engine.

But what will make the next generation unique to those before will be the aid of hybrid assistance. We already have this technology available to the public with Audi’s new A4, which also has hybrid assistance. The cheaper versions of the RS4 will ship with a reimagined 2.0L turbo-four as well as a diesel option. These engine options will either be mild hybrids or the common plug-in hybrid although Audi have not released which they will use in their new RS4. 

The new hybrid assisted A4’s will come with a 14.4 kWh lithium-ion battery and PHEV A4’s could offer an electric-only range of close to 50 miles, which when combined with the combustion engine, is not all too bad.

Photo courtesy of DRIVETRIBE
Alternatively, if you fancy an Audi with a little bit more grunt and power, Audi are rumored to be launching an all new A4 e-tron along with an accompanying RS variant. This will be Audi’s direct competitor to BMW’s i4 and will launch on the Audi’s ‘Premium Platform Electric architecture’ which some Porsche models such as the upcoming Macan electric model will use.


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