52% of UK Now Considering Buying an Electric SUV

According to our latest research, the majority of UK drivers would now be happy to go electric when it comes to buying an SUV.

With sales of all models of electric cars and plug-in hybrids rising more sharply than ever and now accounting for over 10% of all UK transactions as of last year, the electric trend shows no signs of stopping.

This, coupled with the demand for 4x4s that has seen SUVs now make up almost a third of cars on UK roads, has invariably led to a surge in Electric SUV production from top luxury brands such as Land Rover, Tesla, Jaguar, Porsche, Audi & BMW.

The used market is also now being flooded with more choice making owning an electric SUV possible for a much larger percentage of UK society.

“These results show a shift in the mindset of customers as owning electric cars starts to become the new normal” commented James Reeves, Marketing Manager at Saxton 4x4

“Whilst petrol & diesel models still make up the majority of our sales, it’s clear that as more prestige brands invest efforts into producing top of the range electric cars & SUVs, we’ve seen a huge demand for them from our customers” he added.

Saxton 4x4 polled 3,431 people to find out their thoughts on different aspects of SUVs and of the 769 who voted on the question: ‘Would you consider buying an electric SUV?’ 401 (52%) voted ‘Yes’.

The findings in full:

  • 52% of those asked would consider buying an Electric SUV
  • 62% of UK still want to visit a dealership before buying a car
  • 58% would not consider buying a car without a test drive
  • 74% of people intend to buy a used SUV over a new one
Question ViewsYesYes %NoNo %Votes
Would you consider buying an electric SUV?5,7624015236848769
Would you consider buying a car without a test drive?5,642360
When buying an SUV, would you prioritise Used or New?5,3516057421426819
Would you be happy to buy online or need to visit a dealership?5,1213723861162983
Total21,876    3,431


We ran 4 separate polls across our social media channels (@saxton4x4) in late June 2021 to an audience of over 21,000 users. We received a total of over 3,400 responses averaging around 800 responses per question. Those questioned were given a yes/no response option only.

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