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Personal Contract Purchase ( PCP )

Personal contract purchase, or PCP, is slowly becoming a popular choice when it comes to financing your car. Saxton have a wide range of elite quality used 4x4s for sale, all available with affordable finance options which could save you money.

PCP works in a similar way to hire and lease purchase, but with a lot more versatility when it comes to how you want the contract to end. You have any one of four different options in this regard. Drivers can either:

• Depending on the mileage and condition, return the car with nothing more to pay

• Part-exchange the car for another • Buy the car by paying an agreed minimum price

• Sell the car privately

If you’ve got your heart set on a particular model, this is the ideal way to afford it. Your agreement will be made according to guaranteed future value (GFV), which considers an arranged maximum mileage and the age of the car.

At Saxton, we have a number of trained financial advisors who’ll be able to guide you through the entire process. Don’t worry about needing to fill out a host of annoying forms. Just sit back and enjoy the performance of your quality used 4x4, while paying a reasonable amount every month.

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