Vehicle Tracking Solutions

S5 Plus Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

S5 Plus meets the vehicle insurance requirements by operating to the Thatcham Category S5 standard. S5 Plus is designed to identify whether a not a driver is authorised to use the vehicle through the usage of driver tags. If a tag is not present when the vehicle is started, an alert will be generated, and you will be contacted.

S5 Plus combines VHF with GPS and GSM technology, making this system far more resilient to jamming attacks. This premium stolen vehicle recovery system is compatible with all hybrid and electric cars offering features including unauthorised driver and vehicle movement alerts as well as vehicle battery disconnection alert. Tracker Touch, an easy-to-use app is available. S5 Plus offers additional features via the Tracker Touch app - features such a geofence alert, system health check and vehicle battery health

  • Tracker are proud to be the only tracking partner supported by the UK Police force. Tracker's detection units are fitted on over 2000 Police patrol cars, 20 Police helicopters and at most major ports to help Police locate your stolen vehicle quickly.
  • All Tracker products come with Thatcham Quality Assured accreditation, the industry standard for vehicle security. Tracker's security credentials are recognised by insurance companies and can save you money while keeping your vehicle safer than ever before.
  • Insurance companies mandate a Category S5 vehicle tracking system be fitted for vehicles over a certain value.
  • 26,481 Tracker recoveries to date

Tracker Touch app

Vehicle tracking at the touch of a button - Tracker Touch is a free, easy to use app that brings the power of Locate and S5 Plus to the palm of your hand. Stay connected and in control, with 24/7 visibility of your vehicle’s location and the ability to manage your account.

Key Features

System health - Monitor the health of your Tracker™ system at any time.

Theft reporting - Access all the information you need to report the theft of your vehicle.

Battery health - Keep an eye on the health of your vehicle’s battery so you can avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Crime rating area - Learn the crime rating of an area before you park your car.

Geofence area - As an additional security layer, you can set a Geofence Area by defining a custom perimeter. If your car breaches this location, you will receive an instant alert.

Find my car - Forgotten where you parked? You can use the Tracker™ Touch app to find your car. Using the “Show on map” feature, the vehicle location can be displayed on your preferred map.


Why use Tracker?

  • Market leading stolen vehicle recovery service provider
  • Very High Frequency (VHF) Tracking – Military-grade patented technology that allows police to locate a vehicle, even when concealed in metal containers or underground car parks
  • Unique relationship with all UK police forces
  • Mesh network – Tracker’s patented network technology
  • Trusted for over 25 years
  • All products accredited by Thatcham
  • Over 1 million Tracker™ devices fitted
  • Only system with GPS/GSM anti-jamming measures
  • Over half a billion worth of stolen vehicles returned to their rightful owners and counting