Saxton 4x4’s New normal

With hygiene and cleanliness at the forefront of everyone’s minds during this on-going global pandemic, these are the steps we are taking to look after the wellbeing of our customers, any third-party visitors and our employees.

Added: 29 June 2020

How we operate

Since June 1st, we’ve been open to the public, while continuing to offer vehicles for sale through our website’s “Browse, Buy and Deliver Service”. 

The situation is constantly evolving, so we are keeping abreast of the latest developments and Government guidelines. 

Virtual vehicle tours

If you prefer, we can record a complete 360-degree walkaround video of the car, with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives providing in-depth commentary about the car. This video will then be forwarded to your preferred email address. It is also possible to enter a live video call with the team, to view the vehicle (or multiple models), in real-time. 

Electronic paperwork and delivery

We are equipped to work electronically with contracts and finance agreements, so there’s minimal physical paperwork involved. Delivery of a vehicle can also be arranged, to a place convenient for you. Payment can be made remotely, via card or bank transfer for example. Part-exchange valuations can be handled contactlessly also.

Vehicle deliveries and handovers now follow a social-distancing protocol. We have successfully (and contactlessly) delivered vehicles to many new and existing customers during the lockdown period, through our “Browse, Buy and Deliver service”. In fact, things have gone so well we are seeking out new inventory.

Delivery is free (though we do ask for a supplementary charge when delivering to Northern Ireland or Scotland).


We appreciate that hygiene and sanitisation are extremely important, as they always have been. 

That is why we deep clean each vehicle, sanitising the car to an exacting standard. Very early in the pandemic, we set-up cleansing stations and upped disinfecting frequency, paying extra attention to high-traffic areas and surfaces. That includes things like door handles, intercoms, printers, payment terminals, phones and computers. We have a one-way system in our showroom that all are required to observe.

What is a COVID secure workplace?

The Government requires any business premises to meet new COVID-19 regulations. We’ve been following industry guidance and best practices to make sure we are up to scratch.

Staff are aware of the hallmark symptoms of the infection, as well as the Government stipulations on self-isolating where necessary. We have to have a robust policy in place for anyone, including customers who are exhibiting symptoms. 

All staff, by recommendation of the National Franchised Dealer Association, have to be fully briefed and trained on the new strategies. That includes maintaining appropriate social distancing, observing one-way systems and limiting the number of employees in an enclosed space. In some cases, that means adjusting the showroom layout to aid this. Recommendations also suggest locking dealership vehicles and increasing ventilation.

Signage has to be displayed that helps all follow along with the risk assessment carried out on the premises, highlighting the critical importance of frequent handwashing, as well as proper coughing and sneezing etiquette.