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Lease Purchase (Hire Purchase with balloon)

Lease purchase is a fantastic alternative to buying outright, as it provides customers an affordable way to pay for a car over a longer period of time.

While the process has many similarities with hire purchase, this form of finance does have a slight difference. This comes namely in the form of the fact monthly payments are, on average, much lower, with a larger “balloon payment” which needs to be settled at the end of the contractual agreement.

As trained specialists in car finance, Saxton 4x4 are able to provide a service which sees all the details of your deal taken care of for you. Rely on us to handle all the paperwork, as you sit back and enjoy your new vehicle. Just some of the many benefits of lease purchase include:

  • Fixed rates – both your interest and your repayments will remain fixed throughout your contract
  • Flexibility – you can settle your contract at any time by paying it all off
  • VAT free – don’t worry about being forced to make monthly VAT payments
  • Upgrade your car – lower monthly payments can help you choose a vehicle which is an upgrade on your current model

Are you interested in driving away with a premium used 4x4 in the coming weeks? Make the most of our fantastic lease purchase offer today. You won’t be disappointed with the incredible amount you can save.

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