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Are you looking for a realistic way to buy your next used premium brand 4×4 or prestige vehicle? Hire Purchase (HP) is ideal if you want eventual ownership of the car. Simply put down a deposit and the remaining balance is divided equally over the duration of the loan.

Saxton 4×4 pride ourselves on the premium quality of our cars. It’s for this exact reason we recommend making the most of useful finance tools like hire purchase to fund your new buy. Combining the elements of a loan and lease, Hire Purchase requires routine monthly payments after an initial lump sum deposit has been paid. Depending on the vehicle being chosen, this initial deposit could be between 5-50% of the original vehicle price.


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There are many reasons why opting for Hire Purchase is a sensible choice. These include:

  • Low deposit rates – making it affordable for you to find the cash
  • Control of the situation – you decide the deposit size and contract term
  • Fixed payments – both monthly and regarding interest rates
  • Flexibility – handing you the choice to settle your loan early
  • Assets – you’ll have a car at the end of the deal
  • Tax Benefits – offering allowances for business users
  • VAT Free – no VAT on payments

In contrast to a Lease Purchase or PCP agreement where payments are calculated based on the vehicle’s residual value, with HP it’s the retail price of the vehicle in question minus total deposit which will determine how much you’re paying back every month.

Saxton 4×4 have a team of trained finance specialists on hand to deal with any questions you may have. We’ll take care of a lot of the paperwork for you, leaving you to enjoy a great deal. Check out all our finance services to find the right option for you. In no time, you’ll be driving away in a new car.

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