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You may never need to polish your vehicle again!

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The Ultimate Vehicle Protection System

The problem In today’s harsh environment your vehicle’s exterior paintwork and interior trim endures daily attack from any number of weather borne and human factors.

Due to government legislation manufacturers now have to use water-based paints, which whilst being environmentally safe and friendly are far more prone to fading and oxidisation. Harmful environmental pollutants like road salt, detergent, tree sap, acid rain, traffic film and the sun’s powerful UV rays constantly threaten the lustre of your paintwork. This regular surface erosion means that your paintwork needs protection if you want to retain that 'like-new' showroom appearance.

And it’s not just your paintwork that’s under threat. Dirt and grime carried by you, your family and your pets; plus accidental spillage of food and liquids means that your vehicle’s interior is at risk from staining.

The Problem

Modern automotive paint is water-based and highly prone to fading and oxidisation plus wax polishes are simply not strong enough meaning that whenever you wash your car you wash away a layer of protection. As a consequence, your vehicle’s paintwork is constantly under assault from abrasive dirt and grime, road and sea salt, detergent, tree sap, acid rain and the sun's powerful UV rays. All of these harmful pollutants will inevitably degrade the appearance of your vehicle’s exterior.

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The Solution

Proven in the world’s harshest environments the GardX Vehicle Protection System with Nanotechnology forms a highly resilient transparent coating that protects your vehicle’s paintwork from these harmful pollutants. It will even delay the effects of bird droppings and provides a high gloss showroom finish that permanently resists attack. With GardX Protection you may never need to polish your car again.

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Vehicle Exterior Protection

Ultimate protection for your vehicle's paintwork

GardX's revolutionary 2 Stage paint protection system etches 4 layers of protective sealant into the core of your vehicle’s paintwork.

If you look at the paintwork of a new or used vehicle under a microscope you will see lots of imperfections, known as ‘castellations’. As your vehicle’s paint ages these castellations attract all manner of environmental pollutants that degrade the paint, causing oxidation and fading. The GardX paint protection system, permanently etches an invisible layer of powerful and durable sealant into the surface of the paintwork, filling in the castellations and creating a super-smooth, high-gloss, ultra-protective finish.

Gardx Exterior Protection

Stage 1

This powerful formulation employing Nanotechnology penetrates into the molecules of the paintwork preparing it for sealing and protection with Stage 2.

Stage 2

Permanently bonds to the Stage 1 creating a protective coating on the paintwork like a second skin that resists attack and contamination from pollutants and road grime.

Once the 2 stage system has been applied it shields against the effects of the Sun's UV rays, acid rain, sea and road salt and provides a high gloss finish which retains its appearance wash-after-wash.

Gardx Exterior Protection


With regular Conserver maintenance you may never need to polish your vehicle again for the duration of the guarantee. GardX Conserver has been specially formulated to assist in maintaining the GardX protection. We recommend that it be applied monthly as a wash additive.

Gardx Exterior Protection

Vehicle Interior Protection

Ultimate protection for your vehicle's interior

GardX interior protection products are designed to protect interior fabrics and leather from spillages and staining thus allowing the interior to maintain a just like new look.

Stain Guard

GardX ‘Stain Guard’ is a high tech formulation that coats each individual fabric fibre with an invisible barrier that protects against liquid spills, dirt, grease, oil and grime. Liquid spillage either passes straight through the weave without staining or simply ‘beads up’ and can be removed by wiping off with a clean cloth or vacuuming away.

Gardx Stain Guard

Leather Guard

GardX Leather Guard is an exclusive leather treatment that protects the hide but still allows it to breathe. Leather Guard shields against stains, dirt and liquid spills and at the same time moisturises the leather to retain that supple natural look and feel.

Gardx Leather Guard

Tyre Guard

GardX Tyre Guard is an essential safety device for your car. For example, if a punctured tyre has caused you to stop in a dangerous position on a busy road, just connect Tyre Guard to the tyre’s valve, depress the actuator and Tyre Guard will re-inflate the tyre and repair the puncture. Tyre Guard is a quick, safe and simple temporary repair allowing you to drive your vehicle to a safer location and onwards for a professional tyre repair.

GardX Tyre Guard is designed to be used as a temporary repair with almost any pneumatic type tyre, but will not repair blowouts, bead leaks or faulty valves.


Tyre Guard is manufactured using a special latex foam formula that will seal most puncture types and the contents of the can will also re-inflate the tyre enabling the user to travel safely to a tyre repair centre. If the tyre is repairable, as determined by a tyre repair specialist, then the environmentally friendly water based foam sealant can be washed safely from the tyre and the repair made.

GardX Tyre Guard is like having a ‘Spare Tyre’ in an aerosol can!

Gardx Tyre Guard

Glass Guard

Creates a far safer driving environment by coating the windscreen of your vehicle with a formulation that repels rain and causes it to bead and aerodynamically run-off. Your area of vision dramatically improves by keeping glass free of rain, snow, frost, salt, dirt, bugs and grit.

Greater visibility equals improved reaction times and therefore improved safety.

Glass Guard is suitable for all glass surfaces.

Gardx Glass Guard


The GardX Vehicle Protection System has achieved British Standard EN ISO 2812-5:2007

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