GardX Ceramic Protection


You may never need to polish your vehicle again!

RAC Warranty

The Problem

Modern automotive paint is water-based and highly prone to fading and oxidisation plus wax polishes are simply not strong enough meaning that whenever you wash your car you wash away a layer of protection. As a consequence, your vehicle’s paintwork is constantly under assault from abrasive dirt and grime, road and sea salt, detergent, tree sap, acid rain and the sun's powerful UV rays. All of these harmful pollutants will inevitably degrade the appearance of your vehicle’s exterior.

The Solution

GardX Ceramic is a professionally applied vehicle protection system that provides you with complete peace of mind by protecting your vehicles paintwork.

The  GardX Ceramic paint system forms a highly resilient protective coating over your paintwork that shields it from the environmental pollutants and provides an incredibly durable glossy showroom finish that retains its appearance wash-after-wash. With GardX Ceramic you may never wash your car again.

The GardX Ceramic Vehicle Protection System provides valuable protection fr your vehicle, enhances its future re-sale value and comes with the assurance of a lifetime guarantee.