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Small scratches, scuffs and dents are not only unsightly, but have a negative effect on the value of your car. In the past, cars in need of cosmetic repair would have been sent to a conventional body shop, meaning that you would be without your car while the repair took place and potentially the cost of a large bill.

Thankfully many small scratches, scuffs and dents can be fixed using SMART repair technology.

What is SMART Repair?

The SMART Repair concept was originally created to offer the motor industry a fast, cost-effective solution to assist in the cosmetic repair of used vehicles. SMART Repair Insurance now lets you take advantage of this new solution to ensure your vehicle looks as good as new by repairing those minor little bumps and scratches as they happen.

What’s more, SMART Repair Insurance will pick these costs up for a full 3 years!

Why SMART Repair?

  • Protect your no claims bonus.
  • Maintain your car in excellent condition.
  • Maximise future resale value.
  • Professional mobile repair carried out in a convenient location.
  • Most repairs can be completed within an hour.
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What is covered?

  • Light Scratches (such as a "hedge scratch") – Means a scratch that is visible but not deep enough to be able to feel to the vehicle body panel not exceeding 15cm in length and not extended over more than 2 adjacent body panels.
  • Heavy Scratches (where you can nick your fingernail on the scratch)
    • Means a visible scratch to the vehicle body panel not exceeding 15cm in length and not extended over more than 2 adjacent body panels and excludes the bonnet, the roof and the boot.
  • Minor dent – Means a dent to a metal body panel not exceeding 15cm in diameter where such panel has not been ripped, perforated or torn and where the dent is not within 3cm of the edge of the panel.
  • Scuffed bumpers – Means damage up to 15cm in diameter, 3mm in depth and sitting within 1 body panel.

Please read the terms and conditions for a full list of cover and exclusions. Protect your investment and keep your car looking as good as new with RAC SMART Repair Insurance.

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