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Range Rover Sport engines get smaller while tech gets bigger

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Range Rover Sport engines get smaller while tech gets bigger

Popular baby Rangie gets minor exterior facelift and engine revolution for its 2017 refresh

Land Rover has refused to go mad styling-wise with its' 2017 facelift of the Range Rover Sport, but it's under the bonnet and in the cabin where real changes come.

Two new engines will grace the range with the most appealing being the 3-litre V6 from the F-Type that boasts 340bhp, helping it eat up 0-60 in around seven seconds.

Interestingly, a two-litre Ingenium alternative from the Disco Sport and Evoque will be available for the first time in the Sport which could return as much as 45.6mpg.

Inside the cabin, the Sport gets a revamp of its technology boosting its connectivity and user friendly nature.
It features a 10-inch touchscreen that supports a dedicated app for the driver's smartphone to allow a plethora of controls to be handled remotely.

Land Rover has billed the Sport as the 'most connected' so far with efforts made to make it far easier to navigate with fewer interactions necessary plus a smarter Sat Nav, which tracks your journey habits to be more intuitive.

Further tech advancements are made for assistance with towing, braking and launching off the line.
The refresh seems to focus on bringing the Range Rover Sport more into line with what driver's expect in 2017.

Tips for handling winter driving

Tips for handling winter driving

Posted on: 18th Jan 2019

When cold weather hits the UK, motorists need to be able to rely on their winter driving skills, and it is of particular importance that drivers are fully aware of tips with a proven history of keeping people safe when they take their cars out on the roads.