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Protection Packs for Four-legged Friends

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Protection Packs for Four-legged Friends

Land Rover's newest option packs protect your four-legged friends A variety of dog-friendly features will be offered in Land Rovers starting this winter.

Any dog owner knows that bringing their four-legged friend along for a car ride requires a few extra steps for keeping both dog and vehicle protected. Land Rover are making that easier for its owners with the launch of a new series of pet-friendly option packages. The packages were announced for the UK market earlier this year, but we've now got a few more details on specifics.

For instance, the Pet Load Space Protection package features a quilted "load space liner," a luggage partition and a spill-proof water carrier. It's a step up for Butch versus using an old blanket and a refillable water bottle. The liner has also got a detachable bumper protector, that should keep claws from scratching up the car's paint finish.

The Pet Transportation package includes a fold-out pet carrier, water carrier and a rubber floor liner. The Pet Care and Access package includes the luggage partition, as well as a fold-out ramp that can support dogs up to 187 pounds. Made from aluminum, the ramp has a "high grip" plastic center so your four-legged friend won't slip climbing into your Land Rover. There is also a water-rinsing system that stores 1.7 gallons of water for cleaning off muddy paws or, as Land Rover say, rinsing a wet suit or muddy mountain bike.

"Land Rover is all about enjoying the great outdoors and that goes hand-in-hand with dog ownership for many customers," said Jaguar Land Rover product marketing director Finbar McFall in a statement. "Our customers told us that the comfort of their dogs on car journeys is crucial."

The option packs will be offered for all Land Rover models, from the Evoque up to the Range Rover Velar, starting this winter. Land Rover is still finalizing the exact price tags for each of the option packages but customers will also be able to buy the individual components separately.

Tips for handling winter driving

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