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New anniversary sports model on the horizon from Morgan Motor Company

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New anniversary sports model on the horizon from Morgan Motor Company

Morgan Motor Company, who have been manufacturing cars in the UK since 1909, will soon celebrate their 110th birthday. To salute their history, the company are releasing an entirely new range of sports cars with a variety of exclusive updates to go with it.

The new “Anniversary 110” range is being crafted to commemorate the milestone, which takes place in 2019. Along with the range, a selection of additional options will be available, allowing Morgan clients to customise their car’s style and abilities with add-ons worth up to £8,700 at no extra charge.

The updates are said to be applied to the Roadster, Plus 4 and 3 Wheeler models. A few of the new features include a front valance, a sports exhaust located at the rear exit, black exhaust heat shields and roll hoops, and leather straps on the bonnet.

Two new ranges of colours are also available – the Classic Range and Metallic Range – which consist of many of the best shades from the company’s colour history. New options will also be available for the interior, such as a Moto-Lita steering wheel either finished in wood or leather, a mohair hood pack, centre split seats and Yarwood leather for the interior design.

The aim of this new range is to introduce a new, contemporary look and feel to suit the technological age while simultaneously maintaining the timeless quality of Morgan vehicles. So far, the pricing of the Anniversary 110 range starts from roughly £40,000 for the 3 Wheeler and increases from there.

Although there are many other details that are yet to be revealed, it seems that Morgan may very well be setting the sports car bar at a new high next year.

Tips for handling winter driving

Tips for handling winter driving

Posted on: 18th Jan 2019

When cold weather hits the UK, motorists need to be able to rely on their winter driving skills, and it is of particular importance that drivers are fully aware of tips with a proven history of keeping people safe when they take their cars out on the roads.