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It'snow joke that a 4x4 makes winter driving a cinch

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Winter has struck early across the UK setting the trend for potentially hazardous trips for months on end. Bad weather comes in many forms and quickly enough to leave even the most prepared motorists trapped. With some vehicles you know you’ll be able to stay on the move whatever the winter weather brings. The fervour around 4x4s when cold weather hits is no surprise given their ability to deal with the worst conditions that Mother Nature can conjure up, such as:

Extensive flooding

There are rarely any warnings when torrential downpours come and saturate land, leaving lying water across many country roads and motorways. Water damage can be a killer for many cars due to liquid getting into the engine and playing havoc with the mechanics. The ground clearance of high-riding 4x4s offers an impressive wading depth to ensure that only the deepest pockets of standing water can come close to the air filter. Despite this, it is wise to test the depth of any water before you wade through it even if you are in a large 4x4.

Deep snow fall

Waking up on a winter’s morning to a blanket of snow is wonderful for the kids, but it can cause issues if you want to make a necessary journey. As snow has already fallen this early into winter it could be a sign of things to come. A 4x4 offers the best possible traction compared to front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive vehicles, especially if you live on a steep hill or out in the country. Luckily, when snow falls it makes tarmac akin to going off-road, which 4x4s are designed to cope on the most demanding terrain.

Icy and slippery roads

Composure on all surfaces is what you pay for when purchasing a 4x4 and the stability they offer bring excellent peace of mind. The range of terrain response systems on a Land Rover, for instance, ensures that your 4x4 is already reacting to the bad weather and safeguarding you before you even know that you are driving over ice. You’ll never feel more cocooned from the bad weather better than inside a luxury 4x4 and with the added safety features you couldn’t be in a better place if you do lose control.

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