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Fresh on the 4x4 scene: Jaguar E-Pace S

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Fresh on the 4x4 scene: Jaguar E-Pace S

The Jaguar E-Pace collection is undoubtedly one of the best SUV ranges on the current market. This is due to its sleek appearance and powerful interior, making it a desirable option for Jaguar lovers on a global scope. While you may have thought that the range couldn’t possibly get any better, the latest technology has allowed this company to realise a new, improved model: the Jaguar E-Pace S.

The E-Pace SUV series has been updated with this model, which was released in 2018, to offer enhanced comfort and improved interior features. Viewers and potential buyers will find a custom designed ten-way leather interior not limited to the seats, a Park Pack that includes 360° parking aid and Reverse Traffic Detection to allow for cautious front and reverse parking, and a more compact compilation of all its features. When comparing it to other Jaguar SUVs, it captures the style and luxury of the Jaguar F-Pace range. This version may also be smaller than the others, but it still offers ample space surrounding the seats and in the boot.
The E-Pace series generally encompasses a feel of luxury to the maximum potential with only the best technology and materials. Many of the features on the E-Pace S can be found in the other models in the series, with varying levels of development in each one. This is due to the fact that these details make up the essence of this Jaguar range and are what classifies it as an opulent option on the market.
Although it may be a smaller version of the usual SUV builds, it has no lack of quality features both inside and out. Firstly, Jaguar has incorporated a level of AI technology that makes use of coded algorithms to adapt to the common habits of the driver. This includes the Touch Pro and Connect Pro systems, which perform functions such as Navigation Pro and 4G Wi-Fi hotspot options. This works to remember behaviours such as location history, caller history, settings according to the temperature outside and other general preferences. Other advanced specs include auto-dimming and heated door mirrors, Daytime Running LED headlights and Style 9008 18” alloy wheels. With all of this to offer, Jaguar improves the SUV range by making every car eco-friendly and more climate-conscious. This is achieved with its standard reduction of CO2 emissions by filtering gases released from the exhaust to eliminate the outflow of environmentally harmful particles.
This model may be one of the best ways to enter into the world of Jaguar cars without sacrificing your value for money. The E-Pace S can reach 60mph in 7.7 seconds when you opt for the 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine, which is made seamlessly possible by the 148 BHP. It is also fairly reasonably priced in comparison to the other models in the series, which adds to its entry-level appeal. Available from only £28,500, the E-Pace S makes for the prime opportunity to broaden your horizons with one of the best SUVs on the global car scene.
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