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Boxy Discovery set to be a thing of the past

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Boxy Discovery set to be a thing of the past

Radical makeover of Land Rover Discovery due in the New Year as fifth incarnation of popular model looms

The fifth edition of the Land Rover Discovery is due out in 2016 and the rumour is that it will be a step up in class for the longstanding model.

Despite being synonymous for its boxy styling, Land Rover has decided to push ahead with a sleeker look more in line with its recent design language.

Inspired by the Disco Sport, which forms part of a potential three-pronged Discovery family, and the Discovery Vision Concept (pictured), the latest incarnation will appear smaller than its predecessors.

The interior will also be hugely revamped to feature sumptuous refinement and plusher materials, but without losing any of its critically-acclaimed practically and versatility.

Intriguingly, it will be underpinned by the Range Rover platform, which will ensure its off-road potency is undiminished and its weight vastly reduced.

As Land Rover looks for a closer harmony in its line-up, balance is bound to be the key to continue the success of the world’s leading all-round 4x4.

Tips for handling winter driving

Tips for handling winter driving

Posted on: 18th Jan 2019

When cold weather hits the UK, motorists need to be able to rely on their winter driving skills, and it is of particular importance that drivers are fully aware of tips with a proven history of keeping people safe when they take their cars out on the roads.