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A Defender made for thrill seekers

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A Defender made for thrill seekers

Motoring icon turns boy racer before its production run on British shores comes to an abrupt halt at the end of the year

Fancy going 0-60mph in just five seconds something akin to the automotive industry’s version of a wind breaker? Then your prayers have been answered.

A team at JE Engineering is converting twenty-five Defender models that can achieve the feat in mind-blowing time.

Known as JE Zulu, the unique Defenders will see their standard engine replaced with a V8 JLR supercharged unit producing an impressive 475bhp.

Not exactly built with aero-dynamics in mind the Defender will cease to be produced in Europe later this year, but is being given a final adrenaline fuelled send off.

It follows the launch of Heritage edition models as a homage to a model that has been the king of off-roaders over its 67 years in production.

Watch it tear up Coventry Airport here:

Tips for handling winter driving

Tips for handling winter driving

Posted on: 18th Jan 2019

When cold weather hits the UK, motorists need to be able to rely on their winter driving skills, and it is of particular importance that drivers are fully aware of tips with a proven history of keeping people safe when they take their cars out on the roads.