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Lexus eyes flagship SUV and seven-seat RX

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Lexus eyes flagship SUV and seven-seat RX

General Manager claims brand needs a new range-topper and that it does not have to be a sedan like previously.

The LS has long held the title of Lexus’s flagship model, but rumour now has it that the manufacturer is eyeing an SUV to usurp it at the top of the tree.

Toyota’s luxury arm was quick to jump into the SUV market with the efficient and luxurious RX followed up with its stunning-looking compact offering, the NX.

In an interview, Jeff Bracken, General Manager, told Reuters that a new flagship model was needed for the line-up and that it would be decided in January.

A new SUV would make commercial sense due to the slowing of the sedan market and the booming luxury segment with Bentley and Maserati among the names targeting the sector.

Bracken also confirmed that consumers will not have to wait long for a RX with seven seats as they will add a third row without waiting for the next generation incarnation.