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Jaguar planning SUV family

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Jaguar planning SUV family

Manufacturer eyeing up aggressive brand expansion to take slice of growing SUV market.

Jaguar may have been late to the SUV party, but like all the prestige manufacturers it now sees the value of the segment. Its first attack on the market will be with the F-Pace (pictured), which will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September before hitting our roads in Spring 2015. The success or failure of the F-Pace could decide the future progress of Jag’s involvement in the SUV sector, as it will more than likely go towards funding newer models.

Rumour has it that JLR will look to target the market for smaller SUVs through a model to sit below the F-Pace and their Range Rover Evoque. This new push is hardly surprising WITH forecasters indicating that the SUV segment will account for twenty million sales by the time 2020 comes around. Jaguar has ruled out a seven-seat option already given its expertise lying in smaller lightweight chassis, which can be easily attached for a compact SUV but not reproduced on a larger scale.

Don’t expect the Jaguar range to stop growing either, as they have some way to go before it can match Land Rover marque’s level of sales.