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Flamboyant tribute to much-loved Defender

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Flamboyant tribute to much-loved Defender

Iconic fashion designer Paul Smith works his magic on one-off Defender to mark 67 years in production.

The pending demise of the Land Rover Defender has been met with universal despair from fans of this off-road icon. As rugged as it is adored, the Defender has become the number one vehicle for country dwellers and the agricultural community alike; even counting Queen Elizabeth II amongst its owners. However, due to strict EU regulations this prestigious 4x4 no longer makes the grade and will cease production on British shores and be replaced by a new model in 2016.

To mark its astonishing 67 years in production Land Rover has teamed up with legendary designer, Sir Paul Smith, to manufacture a one-off model. Known for being a huge Defender fan and long-term owner, Smith has collaborated with the manufacturer to serve up a model that is being showcased at his Albemarle Street shop in Mayfair. The exterior blends no fewer than twenty-seven colours across its exterior panels all chosen to pay tribute to the Defender’s various guises; from everyday use in sedate country life to serving the armed forces with distinction.

The interior famed for it tough-wearing nature has also been transformed using a mix-match of fabric and leather throughout to add a luxurious feel. Other flamboyant touches include dabs of colour and a bee painted on the roof, which is intended to harp back to the Defender’s humble beginnings. This unique Defender continues Land Rover’s year of celebration for its huge-selling 4x4 that has been taken into so many motorists’ hearts and runs alongside three other special editions launched recently to break up the time until a newcomer comes along to take over its mantel.