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A Defender made for thrill seekers

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A Defender made for thrill seekers

Motoring icon turns boy racer before its production run on British shores comes to an abrupt halt at the end of the year

Fancy going 0-60mph in just five seconds something akin to the automotive industry’s version of a wind breaker? Then your prayers have been answered.

A team at JE Engineering is converting twenty-five Defender models that can achieve the feat in mind-blowing time.

Known as JE Zulu, the unique Defenders will see their standard engine replaced with a V8 JLR supercharged unit producing an impressive 475bhp.

Not exactly built with aero-dynamics in mind the Defender will cease to be produced in Europe later this year, but is being given a final adrenaline fuelled send off.

It follows the launch of Heritage edition models as a homage to a model that has been the king of off-roaders over its 67 years in production.

Watch it tear up Coventry Airport here: